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I am happy to announce I have published a short collection of my favorite poems from this blog. Titled To Scratch the Surface of Beauty: an exploration in verse, it can be purchased in paperback now at for $5.99 for shipping in the US. and on Kindle worldwide for $4.99 USD or the equivalent amount in your country’s currency.

Click here to purchase a paperback on CreateSpace:

Click here to purchase a paperback on

Click here to purchase e-book on Kindle:

Thank you so much for your support in reading this blog. I appreciate the time you spend here and hope you enjoy my work enough to purchase a copy of the book.

Peace of Christ,



My Take on Wealthy Affiliate:

What are affiliate programs? Affiliate programs essentially invite you to promote or sell a product or program through links on your site, and they are all over the Internet. Basically, each time a sale is made through your link, you receive a commission, which can range anywhere from 1% to 15% and up. Some don’t offer percentages, they offer a dollar amount for each item sold. They can be a good way to earn extra cash, but only if you know how to market your site and drive traffic so many people see your content, click your links and buy from the companies you affiliate with.

Affiliate programs typically are not scams. Many large companies, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Best Buy have affiliate programs that anyone can join if they have a website with enough traffic. I’ve joined a few content specific affiliates to supplement my income in my day job and help get my web businesses up and running. As with anything, do your research and make sure the program you join is right for you before you join. I want to discuss a specific affiliate program that I’ve joined that works differently than other affiliates-Wealthy Affiliate. My promise to you is that the information I give will be honest and verifiably true.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community of people who want to either earn extra money to supplement jobs they already have or quit their current jobs and start an Internet business of their own. It is not a “get rich quick” scam. In fact, the individuals you interact with will readily tell you that it takes time and hard work to achieve your goals. The only products they sell are memberships, but I’ll discuss those in a minute. What you will find if you join are training courses, videos, and advice on such topics as web site building, choosing a “niche” (product or service) to sell, Google ranking, advertising, and ways to increase traffic to your site.

If you choose to join Wealthy Affiliate, the initial “Starter” membership is completely free. With this membership, you get 2 free websites to build into business opportunities and access to some training and portions of the community that will help you set up everything you need to get started.

The purpose of Wealthy Affiliate is just that, to help you get an Internet business started and make it successful. Thousands and thousands of successful entrepreneurs populate Wealthy Affiliate, and they work together to encourage, discuss, and train you to make your business successful. The founders/owners, Kyle and Carson (yes, they go by their first names), are readily available to assist you as well.

As with all businesses, viability hinges on sales and incentive programs. Wealthy Affiliate is no different. They sell two types of membership-“Starter” which I’ve already discussed is free, and “Premium” which you can purchase monthly for $49/month or yearly for $359/year. While “Starter” membership is free, it limits the amount of training and community interaction available to you. If you want to get the most out of your Wealthy Affiliate membership, “Premium” is the way to go.

“Premium” membership gives you access to all training videos, courses, live events, and interaction with the entire Wealthy Affiliate community. The information you receive increases your chances to succeed exponentially. This community will encourage you, support you, and train you in every area you need to building a web site and pursue an Internet business.

If this opportunity interests you, click the link below and sign up for a “Starter” membership. Go through some of the training to see exactly what this community offers. You can upgrade to “Premium” at any time or you can cancel your membership at any time. The best thing Wealthy Affiliate does is to give you control over your decisions, your life, and your business.

Have a great day and great success!


P.S. If you’re looking to set up a new web page, you can set up two of them for free by clicking the link below:



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