Is Homeland Bigoted?


In today’s article, I examine whether Homeland is bigoted against Muslims in response to a Washington Post article titled “Homeland is the Most Bigoted Show on Television”:

All My Dreams Rise on Thermals

All my dreams rise on thermals
Unhindered in the waning sun
Seeking a fresh perch for the night.

Its beauty keeps them aloft
Silver beams streak like towers of pure light
Reflected and filtered by the moon.

They lay down tracks to usher in
Milky Way and her sister Andromeda,
Their diamond gowns shimmering as life itself.

Homeland’s Top 25 Most Compelling Moments

Homeland Premier's tonight, without Nicholas Brody.

Homeland Season 4 premier’s tonight, without Nicholas Brody.

Check out my article on Homeland’s Top 25 Moments from Seasons 1-3. Later this week, I’ll be examining some of the issues surrounding the show:

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I Enter the Forest at Night

I enter the forest at night
Search for a glade and rest
My tools I lay on the ground
Worlds apart, alive with sound

Hours I pass listening to songs
Played out infinitely
My eyes adjust to the dark
Set my sight, enlist my mark

Barrel and scope point assurance
Ranging through the moonlight
My target comes into view
Minutes down, seconds ensue

Accommodation of fresh eyes
Clearly see through the night
I set my finger in place
Press down, capture time and space

My Review of “Wynter” Issues 1-3

Wynter is a new comic with a dystopian science fiction milieu. Sound familiar? This one isn’t just a retread of the old story lines. It’s a fresh take worth reading. If you like comics, here’s my review of issues 1-3:


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