My Take on Wealthy Affiliate-An Internet Business Opportunity

As you know, it’s hard to make ends meet in this economy. As a teacher and freelance writer with a wife and two children, I’ve been forced to look for new revenue streams in addition to my day job. So, I have joined an affiliate program called Wealthy Affiliate. It is a program that trains people in the art of building web based businesses. If you are interested in building such a business, then go the the “Shop” page to see my explanation of Wealthy Affiliate and why I joined. If you are not interested, then ignore this post.

I apologize for posting this here. My focus remains on providing you with my poetry and philosophical musings about the world in which we live. I will not discuss Wealthy Affiliate again in any future post, but will leave my explanation on my “Shop” page for those who find it and are interested in this program. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any comments or questions regarding this post.

Peace of Christ,