A Fool?

Here is a sort of, kind of, maybe a poem poem I wrote several years ago in my youth.

“A Fool”

A fool
Is a man
Who believes
Finite mind

I came across this a few days ago and paused for a moment. I asked myself, “Do I really believe it foolish to rely solely on intellectual discovery aside from all human emotions and feelings?” My answer is still, “Yes, I do.” Apart from the sexist nature of the masculine focus (apologies), I still believe the sentiment expressed here. Please don’t misunderstand. Intellect remains highly valuable, essential in fact, to understanding the world around me and my place in it. But humans will forever be emotional and spiritual beings in addition to our intellectual curiosities. Assuming that one is so intelligent as to even have the capacity for fully understanding this universe remains, in my opinion, the height of arrogance.

Philosophy and science have taught me two very important ideas: humans are capable of unfathomable achievement and learning; yet, no matter that achievement and learning, there remains exponentially too much information out there. We understand DNA to the point of being able to grow human organs in a petri dish, yet we have barely scratched the surface of what is yet to be discovered. We can never find it all out. We won’t even fully understand what we (think we?) do know unless we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by its sublimity and humbled by its magnitude. Unless we recognize our frailty and limitations. This is why I choose to believe.