So, here I am writing another post. The last few posts fell more in the creative writing that kinda sucks category. I only say that because I’m pretty critical of my own writing, and I’ve been paralyzed at times because my stories/poems/novels simply don’t often live up to my own expectations. So, I’m trying to break that habit by writing and posting every day, whether it’s great, good, or total crap. This is where you come in. I’ve only been blogging on this site for 6 days, and I’m blown away by the level of talent on display through WordPress. I’ve browsed several sites, and realize I have a long way to go to develop writing that truly connects. If you read any of my posts, I’d really appreciate your comments and feedback. You’ve been generous in your likes and follows. Thank you for that. Now, tell what you really think. Let me know how I can improve, and what you look for in a good story. I read and respond to all comments. For those that have followed my posts, I thank you once again.

Peace of Christ,