Welcome to thelandline.com!

If you’ve found this site, it’s probably by accident or  because you know me.  Either way, I hope what you find here remains informational and inspirational.  I plan to fill these pages with news and information you can use in your everyday life. I will discuss current events, entertainment (mostly movies), sports, and the Bible.  That last reference should clue you into the fact that I am a believer in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  So, when I discuss these topics I will do so from a Christian perspective.  That does not necessarily mean that I will be passing judgment on the world.  It simply means that I will examine these ideas through the lens of my faith in Christ.  This faith informs the way I look at the world and its events.  In many ways, it defines me as a person.

A little about me: I am not a theologian or minister.  I am a layman, philosopher, and educator.  That simply means that I will address topics that interest me not from a position of authority, but from a perspective of prayerful thought.  My credentials include a BA in English and an M. Ed. in Educational Leadership, both from the University of Texas at Arlington.  I have taught high school English in the Arlington ISD for the last 13 years. Before that, I pin-balled around from one odd job to another.
But none of that is really important.  The most important thing here is you. How you respond to, or ignore, what I say really matters.  If I haven’t made you think a little, laugh a little, reflect a little, or pray a little, then I’m no better than a monkey on a typewriter.  So, feel free to respond with your own prayerful thoughts.  Please disagree if that’s how you feel, but be nice. This is not the place for vitriol and hate.  What I really want to do is start a thoughtful dialogue.  Nothing more, nothing less.
Peace of Christ,
Jim Land